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In return you will find your pet more alert and playful, which benefits you as well. Give fruits to guinea pigs as little treats because the are quite high in sugar. Like with any pet foods, the more expensive the brand generally means the better quality it is, therefore the healthier it is for your guinea pig.

And watch their calcium intake! This also makes it easier to ensure that each pig is getting the right amount, and they love the taste as well. Take care when feeding wild plants as some are poisonous, for example Sorrel, Rhododendron, Buttercups Ranunculus and Ragwort Senecio.

Information may have changed since the publication of this chart. Yes the answer is. High-quality hay should be green with pliable stalks, free of mold and foreign particulates, and fragrant not dusty or void of smell.

What has this to do with feeding your guinea pig? Recommended Diet: Also read: This can cause bladder stones in adults, so you should switch your pets to a Timoty hay pellet at around 12 months old. What can guinea pigs eat?

Pellets are considered better than mixes, and are available in two types. For example, starchy vegetables can lead to bloating, so optimize for the leafy greens. Then you need to cut down on the dry foods. Please note that you need to be extremely careful when giving citrus fruit to your pets, especially oranges.

Fruit Fruit is much higher in sugar than vegetables and so should not be given to your pets more than once or twice a week.

Best Guinea Pig Food: Top 5 Brands & Recommended Types of Food

A lack of Vitamin C results in a condition known as scurvy, causing symptoms such as dry, crusty skin, hair loss, abnormalities of bones and teeth and inflamed gums. However, sudden changes can be an early sign of illness.

However, it is not recommended to use a legume hay for the adult guinea pigs. This makes it an ideal option for young and pregnant guinea pigs. There are two main types of hay, Alfalfa and Timothy. Hay This is an essential guinea pig food, and you should give your pets a constant supply of fresh, clean, dry hay at all times.

To help you find which vegetables, herbs, and fruits are safe to feed your guinea pig, please refer to the Guinea Pig Food List below. Many veggies come with leaves attached, which your guinea pigs will also enjoy. Grass takes a lot of chewing, which keeps teeth worn down and prevents them overgrowing.

Tracking What They Eat Keep a mental note of how much food and water your pets are consuming. With a bit of luck they will like this new taste, but if they don't then don't worry, as there are plenty of other things for them to try.

Lastly, hay is a alternative to the plants and grasses guinea pigs eat in the wild. Clean the bottle regularly as poisonous algae can build up inside it. Always make sure that your guinea pigs have access to fresh hay and of course fresh water, either on a platter or through a drip feeder type bottle.Without a constant through put of food, the guinea pig gut readily goes to sleep with potentially serious consequences if it isn’t ‘woken’ promptly.

But the best news is, when you feed the right foods, your guinea pig is likely to keep chomping and chewing for many years to come. Guinea Pigs Diet. Guinea pis are herbivores. Which means that their diet consists mainly of the variety of plant materials.

Moreover, these little cuties have a very strong digestive system allowing them to eat continuously because the food is metabolized quite fast.

Okay, so aside from grass and hay, fruits and vegetables, there are some really great foods available to purchase that you can add to your guinea pig’s diet. When purchasing food for your guinea pigs, the best thing to look out for is just pellets, no added colorful pieces, nut and seeds or fruit bits, as these are normally quite high in Monika.

· Guinea pigs are excellent pets, but their dietary needs may be somewhat confusing. It is especially important to understand them if you want to try to make your pet's food instead of giving it store-bought food%(1).

Guinea Pigs Guide

· Guinea Pig food list - food they can eat and food they should not. We provide an detailed list of food your Guinea Pigs really like and also a blacklist which food should not be provided to build up a proper diet.4,4/5().

Vitamin C.

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Like Humans, guinea pigs cannot manufacture their own vitamin C. To prevent survy and other health issues, each guinea pig should get 10 to 30 milligrams of Vitamin C each day; young, ill, nursing and/or pregnant animals require extra Vitamin C.

Dora diet guinea pig food
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