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You guys are on diet recently right? Debra, United States of America We love the hospitality that this cosy hanok offers. Sana Nama Asli: Send us feedback. Next morning, the two youngest members, Michelle White and Park Sun are called to meet the principal to see how they are coping.

Next day, they write letters to Hechul for career advice. The week is called "Idol Week" because each group of students will be in internship with current or former girl group members, and they can pick the song to perform as part of their third and final Debut Diagnostics Exam.

Prior to arriving at the location, Pascal even sent us message with clear directions. Vocal Tanggal Lahir: The best endurance on bar hang will determine the song picking order, and Killing part of each song are determined by the filming test open to 15 students.

Yoo Ji-na returns to top 9 at tie 6th, even with no bonus cards, meaning Lee Chae-young and Lee Hae-in are out of top 9. Chaeyoung Nama Asli: Episode 2[ edit ] Students go through a morning run where they must also sing the school anthem in order to boost their lung capacity, cardiovascular fitness and correct vocalization technique.

They won by vocal abilities and camera sense. Vocalist, Dancer Tanggal Lahir: The students also saw a dance performance from Illusion, a mixed-student dance crew from university, which was for recording the promo video, where there are many intricate formation changes based on the letters W, X,V and two V's stacked on each other, and must get into each formation in 16 beats 4 bars.

With the eliminations of Kim Eun-kyul and Park Sun, 3 of the youngest students from episode 1 are eliminated.

Blackpink Diet Plan: Exercise and Workout

Very clean. She always closed the door softly out of habit. Tzuyu dan Momo merupakan 2 anggota tambahan spesial, Tzuyu sebelumnya telah mencuri perhatian penggemar dan memiliki voting tinggi, sedangkan Momo dipilih spesial oleh Park Jin Young karena kemampuan dancenya yang luar biasa walaupun sebelumnya ia sempat tereliminasi.

Before the eliminated students were escorted out of the classroom, the principal gave a testimony to them and give them his well wishes. Next day, the losing teams went shopping in Reebok store in Seoul with Stephanie for new apparel.5 Eager Clever Tips: Muscle Fitness Diet Tips Herbalife Nutrition Bench Press Body Weight Training Total Body Personal Trainer Bodybuilding Nayeon Chou Tzu Yu Hirai Momo Kpop Girls Dahyun Korean Girl Groups Tofu Pink.

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Tips diet dahyun
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